Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Grook

This term was coined by Piet Hein for his clever poems that provide the kind of pure and simple insight that both delights and educates.

I came across one I wrote about 30 years ago:

It came to me in a twinkling,
That I'd never really thought about thinking,
That the things I believed
Were merely conceived
Just before I required their inkling.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bad Trailers and Great Movies

Interesting perusal of my iGoogle pages today. On one hand, David Pogue pointing out a new completely bogus practice of including shots in a big-budget action movie trailer that never appear in the actual movie.

On the other hand, Sol showed us Once, and like many thousands of others fell in love the with timeless story, the genuine (and well-recorded) music, and the great sense of possibility created not just by the movie's story itself, but by the fact that John and his mates made this movie for a low cost, on digital video.

That's a good news story.