Friday, December 21, 2007

A Wii White Christmas

Thanks to Elia (13) we co-bought a Wii system months ago, when a shipment of them came into Best Buy. Having already a dreaded xbox and the annoying repetition of a gamecube, I was sold on the idea of a controller that responds to moving some part of the body other than your thumb to take action. Turns out it was a good sale.

We have spent many hours playing virtual tennis and bad golf, but the Wii has been a welcome addition to the house. Now though, it has attained stellar proportion.

Guitar Hero III came out, and after meeting a guy in a secret location with a wad of cash, we are blissing out to screaming guitar solos, that I only dreamed of being able to play (and of course, still can't) but can PRETEND to. The Santana and Who tracks are comforting to play, as is Foghat's Slow Ride which I recall being able to play even in high school. The new (to me) tracks from Weezer, Priestess, and Eric Johnson are amazingly fun to play.

And when I tired of trying to beat Tom Morello's doppelganger, I can try to make the Wii controller into a virtual whiteboard tracker...